GCEO’s Welcome Note

On behalf of CAA, I am honoured to welcome you to our website. Throughout the life of this website, we shall seek to bring to you the most relevant and up-to-date information about the life at CAA, from its internal organisation, management model, and portfolio of projects to activities of social responsibility and of support for the surrounding community.

About CAA

Founding and Purpose

CAA was founded in 2011 by Graham Cheater and Anesu Daka on the vision of empowering Zimbabweans to take control of their financial future through education and to be specific training Chartered Accountants that will drive the economy forward. CAA offers an all-inclusive approach to educating the future Chartered Accountants through academic research our training is relevant and up to date with the current trends. Our understanding of the practicalities of industry enables us to provide learners with a practical approach to accounting concepts.


To be the pacesetter of industry relevant competence-based learning for business professionals in the private and public sector.


To nurture unique business leaders.


To make available academic, entrepreneurial, and best practice leadership in Chartered Accountancy and the finance professions.

Core Values

Integrity: We endeavour for integrity in our people and systems.

Innovation: We provide relevant local solutions through innovation. Mastery: We are acclaimed industry masters in what we do.

Quality: We subscribe to international best practices of quality service.

Collaboration: We nurture local and foreign partnerships through mutual collaboration, and we win as a team.

Our Product Offerings

We have been accredited by the institute of chartered accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ) to offer the following:

Zimbabwe Certificate in Theory of Accounting (ZCTA)

We offer CTA on a full-time and part-time basis. Full time is designed for those who want to commit to studies alone during a one-year period. On the other hand, CTA part-time has been crafted for those who have work commitments (click on our programs panel for more details)

The bridging course to the Certificate in Theory of Accounting (BCTA)

The Bridging Course to the Certificate in Theory of Accounting (BCTA) is a program designed to help people who desire to become Chartered Accountants (CAs) but could not do so in the past because they did not meet the minimum entry requirements into the Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTA). Entry requirements. (Click on our programs panel for more details)

We also offer

CAA ICAZ ITC board course: this is an ITC preparatory course for those who will be writing the ITC board exams.

APC preparatory course APT: APT prepares students to write the final ICAZ board exams Assessment of Professional Competence (APC)


***This makes CAA a one stop shop for the CA(Z) student