The Bridging Course to the Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (BCTA)

The journey to become a Chartered Accountant Zimbabwe, CA(Z) begins with the Zimbabwe Certificate in Theory of Accounting (ZCTA) which is an entrance to professional exams. At Chartered Accountants Academy, we are proud to have contributed to this profession by assisting students obtain the academic qualification required. Our CTA program has been the leading brand in Zimbabwe over the past eight years. For one to be accepted for CTA, one should be a holder of a not more than 5 years old Accounting degree accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Zimbabwe (ICAZ). If you do not meet these entry requirements, this does not mean your dream to be CA(Z) is over. We have a solution for you. The Chartered Accounts Academy (CAA) is offering a Bridging course to the Certificate in Theory of Accounting (BCTA). This is ten-month course that enables one to gain the knowledge and skills required to be accepted for CTA. A holder of a BCTA certificate will therefore be eligible to apply for CTA.


BCTA has 2 enrolment windows per annum, in January and in July. Applications for the program will open in March and in September.

People who have the following qualifications are encouraged to apply for BCTA:

  • A Bachelors Accounting degree that was acquired more than 5 years ago.
  • Non-Accounting Bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Commerce.


Delivery channel

The course will be Part time program which will be a full blended program, i.e. main lectures and other activities done online, with revision classes being held before each test and examination. Examinations will be run physically.

Other support material includes weekly study plans, online consultations, and chatrooms via our online learning platform MyCAA and a personal coach/mentor.


The programme will run for 10 months comprising of two semesters. Each semester is 16 weeks long (tuition and exams) , and there is a one-month break between the semesters. The programme will start in mid-February to end of May, then the second semester runs from July to October.

Benefits of enrolling for BCTA

  • BCTA is a pathway into the CA profession.
  • Completing the program opens a wide range of career opportunities.
  • The BCTA program will be presented by highly experienced lecturers who are qualified Chartered Accountants as well as qualified tutors.
  • You will have exposure to new and continuously developing technologies, which include QuickBooks and Robotics Process Automation (RPA).
  • The CTA qualification is widely regarded as prestigious. Completing BCTA opens doors for admission into prestigious clubs where thought leaders interact.

Exam Centres

  • Harare
  • Bulawayo