Strategically Leading Organisations in Uncertain Contexts

  • Develop your ability to create, lead and execute strategy across your organisation in uncertain economic and political times.

This two-day programme will explore the challenges and opportunities ahead for organisations and strategies for dealing effectively with them. Professor Nick Binedell, from GIBS, will facilitate this programme in which you will have the opportunity to further develop your strategic leadership skills to lead strategy design and execution across your organisation, while being better equipped to understand how economic and political uncertainty should inform your strategic decision making.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to

  • Better comprehend the world we live and work in;
  • Understand the role of leaders in setting the strategic agenda for the organisation;
  • Understand and apply appropriate strategic frameworks;
  • Seek and create the opportunities that present themselves to your business, while at the same time ensuring threats and constraints are adequately dealt with;
  • Appreciate the role of the leader in executing a strategy;
  • Gain a better understanding of the political and economic dimensions of strategic leadership;
  • Understand how the successes of other businesses can be applied in your organisation;
  • Take heed of the failure of other businesses and what lessons can be applied in your organisation;
  • Interpret and write a strategy;
  • Develop a sound action plan you can apply back in the workplace;

Our Key focus areas will be 

  • Learning about why the world ‘is the way it is;
  • Leading the organisation in uncertain context;
  • What is Strategy;
  • What is leadership;
  • What is Strategic Leadership;
  • Leadership and decision making under pressure;
  • Strategy design and execution;
  • The practicalities and realities of designing and executing strategies in organisations;
  • Understanding the South African landscape;
  • The role of the leader in setting the strategic agenda for the organisation;
  • Analysing business case studies and developing conclusions that can be applied to your organisation;
  • Using simulations to understand complexity, competition and unpredictability in markets;

This programme has been designed for the

  • Senior executive, and C-suite teams, in large corporates and in medium sized businesses who want to enhance their ability to lead strategically
Fee $700 USD (includes tuition, instruction material, lunches and refreshments).
Duration Two Days
Dates 18-19July 2019


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