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Welcome Note

Welcome to Chartered Accountants Academy Students Social Responsibility (SSR), a project in which students lead the way in social responsibility at CAA. The CAA SSR campaign is the brainchild of our students and is aimed at assisting the less-privileged members of our community to achieve their academic goals. SSR is a dynamic initiative driven by students committed to making a positive impact in society. Over the years, the Academy has adopted Chiedza Child Care Centre in Waterfalls Adbern, as the beneficiary. Through collaborative efforts and innovative projects, we strive to address pressing social issues and create lasting change by supporting underprivileged children at Chiedza. Explore our website to learn more about our mission, projects, and how you can get involved!

Objectives of Our SSR

SSR is a student-led social responsibility project dedicated to harnessing the power of youth to drive meaningful change in our communities. The project aims at producing well rounded CAs’ who are also responsible citizens, not just technocrats. We aim to raise awareness, inspire action, and foster a culture of empathy and compassion to the children who are the future leaders. The project is aimed at improving student soft skills as they are exposed to leadership, communications, team work and organising skills.

Our team is composed of passionate CAA alumni, currently registered students ,CAA staff and well-wishers from the corporates and the community united by a common goal: to make a difference. The project focuses on collecting stationery and sanitary for the benefit of learners & girl child support at Child Care Centre. Since 2016, over 200 children each year benefit from this initiative. The SSR project also collects donations of food stuffs to complement the Child Care Centre efforts, as it supports the vulnerable children from the community through education and food.

Over these years, the SSR has been actively engaged in various initiatives such as events, and campaigns, that include raffle tickets draws, CAA branded wear days, sanitary wear drives and grocery donations campaigns.


To achieve transparency, a committee is formed each year consisting of mainly students and a few staff members to offer guidance. Students are involved in every activity, i.e financial, procurement, communications, recording & reporting of the donations, until they have been handed over to the receipients.


Simply visit our reception at the Academy and drop your donations
If your are a student, please inbox our registrar number (0782 277 124), to express your interest to participate in the SSR committee. The committee is made up of 20 or more students leading the rest of the students in running the project, and being a part of the committee will help you enhance your business soft skills.
Alternatively, you can reach out to us through our contact details and let us know if you have anything to donate towards this noble cause. Our Contact Details are as follows:

Phone lines: +263 (242) 702532-5, +2638644146073
Address: The Academy 2nd floor, Strachans House 66 Nelson Mandela Ave, Harare

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